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Enter The Realm Of Chocolate Cheesecake Heaven With Nigella Lawson

Posted on January 12, 2011 by The Cheesecake Guy

The highly renowned queen of food porn, Nigella Lawson, shows us how to enter the realm of chocolate heaven. How so? By fusing the world of chocloate and cheesecake and baking the most beautiful chocolate cheesecake! Here’s the teaser image:

First, the crust. It’s a basic graham cracker crust with a chocolate base. This entails a tablespoon of cocoa and a half stick of butter, whirred together with the mashed graham crackers. The damp crumbs are mashed into the bottom of a cake tin to form the base. Slap that crust in the freezer to let it chill a bit.

Then on to the cheesecake mix. You’ll need two and a half packets of cream cheese. These should be at room temperature or the cheesecake won’t be as smooth. The recipe also includes 3/4 cup of sugar, custard powder, three whole eggs, and 2/3 cup of sour cream.

Now, to make it chocolate she says you need two things: 1. A half teaspoon of cocoa dissolved in hot water 2. Melted bittersweet chocolate (6 ounces) which is folded into the cheesecake mix.

In a bit of Zen Buddhist baking philosophy, she states sagely that, “Everything gives way to chocolate…it’s the natural order of things.”

Then you cook the whole concoction in a water bath, with one tin inside of a larger pan that has the water in it.

This is the one stage that always seems awkward to us. Most people use a springform pan, but even when wrapping it in aluminum foil, water still has a tendency to get inside and make the crust soggy.

We like to use something called the Cheesecake Moat. The Cheesecake Moat is a pan made specifically for, you guessed it, cheesecake! It’s sort of a double pan that lets you keep the mix separate from the water bath and maintains that moist, even baking environment needed to bake the perfect cheesecake. In any case, this isn’t a slight on Nigella’s recipe, just an observation and something we like to do differently.

Finishing up, however, you bake the cheesecake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour.

The results? Decadent and drool-inducing.

Here’s the full video walkthrough:

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