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Using a Cheesecake Moat, Not A Springform Pan 0

Posted on January 16, 2012 by The Cheesecake Guy

Are you looking for a springform pan or a cheesecake pan? Either way, we have something better for you. The Cheesecake Moat helps you bake the perfect cheesecake, every time. The Cheesecake Moat prevents the crust from getting soggy. It’s all one pan that lets the water bath be in a separate “moat” rather than being able to seep in from the bottom, as it tends to do with standard springform pans.

A yummy cheesecake made with our cheesecake pan - NOT a regular springform pan.

We really believe that it’s the best way to bake a cheesecake and we’ve tried everything! Check it out today – it’s the perfect cheesecake pan!

The Problem With Springform Pans In Cheesecake Baking – Solved. 0

Posted on February 05, 2011 by The Cheesecake Guy

The Cheesecake Moat is something we’ve valued for a long time here at The Cheesecake Blog. They have a new post about the problem with springform pans. It makes sense, as water tends to seep into springform pans, ruining the crust by making it soggy. The Cheesecake Moat solves this problem by separating the water bath from the cheesecake mix itself. Who’d have thought that in this day and age the term ‘moat’ would be brought back into regular usage? In any case, this moat isn’t filled with alligators or flesh-eating fish, but it *will* help us bake a cheesecake evenly and thoroughly. For the full scoop, head on over to¬†Cheesecake Moat.

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